Discount codes for a new category of products

Recently in our shop we appeared new products, namely natural stone treated in an interesting way and the products of costume jewelery. On this occasion we would like to offer you a discount code to use when purchasing these items. The following options available discount:




Discounts for accessories and gifts


5 zł discount - for any purchase above 100 zł


10 zł discount - for any purchase above 200 zł


15 zł discount - for any purchase above 300 zł




Appropriate discount code will send you immediately after the purchase for a price compatible with the above criteria. If you are already planning a similar state to make the purchase then you can tell us by email. In this situation, please refrain from finalizing the transaction and we will send the appropriate discount code that can be used in the course fee for the product category of accessories and gifts.


I would recommend use of promotion, since many products from the category Accessories and gifts were issued at a price with an approximate value of available discounts. Discounts are combined with other promotions for this reason it is worth to register and save our newsettera.

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